A lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between moving surfaces. Typically lubricants contain 90% base oil and less than 10% additives. Automotive applications dominate in the lubricants consumed worldwide. Industrial, marine and metal working applications are also big consumers of lubricants. Although generally lubricants are based on one type of base oil, mixtures of the base oils are also used to meet performance requirements.
          Synergy Base Oils, a dedicated arm of Synertia Exim Pvt Ltd, is an International petroleum and petroleum products trading division with efficient logistics, focused customer service and global business partners. We source material from highly dependable sources directly and are a direct seller mandate for few strategically located refineries worldwide. A progressive environmental friendly group, with offices in India and abroad, we are comitted to excellence dependability and quality.
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Why Recycling

        The use of recycled or Re-refined oil to produce lubricants is increasingly considered on a worldwide basis. The driving force is the concept of 'sustainability' in this applications, the recycling of resources to minimize heir environmental impact. Used oil or recycles oil has less contaminants and more oil molecules, hence better than crude oil for making new oil. This used oil undergoes an extensive re-refining process to remove contaminants to produce good-as-new base oil. It is the responsible choice for the environment.

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          SYNERGY TRADING is a specialist in general trading and provides an exceptional service on both a local and global scale. The Company has built a reputation from a foundation of mutual trust and respect amongst...


          The feed stock of mineral base oil is crude oil. Base oil is typically defined as oil with a boiling point range between 550 and 1050f, consisting of hydrocarbons with 18 to 40 carbon atoms. This oil can be either Paraffinic or Naphthenic in nature depending on the.....