• Fuel Oil

    Fuel oil is a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue. ..
  • Foots Oil

    Residue Wax or Foots oil is a by-product of petroleum...
  • Bitumen

    Bitumen also known as Asphalt , is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid ..
  • Sulphur

    Also spelled 'Sulfur' is produced from the frasch produced or recovered from 'Sour'.
  • Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly

    Is a semi-solid mixture of hydro carbons, made up of solid mineral waxes and liquid mineral oils...
  • Base Oil

    There are five specific categories of base oils...
  • Paraffin oil

    It is known as kerosene in Australia and the United States and stove oil in Canada..